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Smart data discovery

Transform your qualitative analysis projects with easy access to big data resources. Spend more time finding answers, less time wrangling data.


Core Features

The Rivium smart data discovery platform allows any non-technical subject matter expert to quickly find, analyze and share any kind of unstructured data. It closes the gap between big data resources and individual domain experts doing complex qualitative analysis. No SQL, no algorithms, no hassle.

Rivium helps you make the most of all your big data information

Access all your data

Rivium’s UI design and workflow streamlines all phases of research. See object metadata, changes, attachments, and more in one complete, easy to read format.

Rivium's highly visual faceted unstructured data search features make smart data discovery easy for non-technical analysts and researchers

Simple faceted search

Powerful, intuitive search without the complexity. Intuitive filtering and data visualizations minimize time spent searching for data and maximize time spent on analysis and data discovery.

Advanced visualization tools

User-friendly visualizations provide novel means for users to interact with and explore the data deluge. Easily pinpoint the right information in minutes.

Collaborative workspaces for big data qualitative analysis

Efficient workflows

Collaborative workspaces for organizing information throughout an analysis workflow.

Collaboration for intelligence analysis and research projects

Collaborate easily

Workspaces allow users to securely share data, notes, analysis, and dynamic reports with colleagues.

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Why analysts and researchers love Rivium

Rapid data discovery

Enjoy advanced point-and-click faceting, saved searches, and alerting on key topics


Visualize from every angle

View and filter data with lists, tables, tag clouds, geospatial maps, heat maps, SNA graphs, and charts

Collaborate efficiently

Share searches, comments, and findings with your teams across multiple projects

Share dynamic reports

Deliver insights in a persistent online format with links to sources and optional automatic updates

Crowdsource data enrichment

User-added connections, comments, tags, and ratings boost context and clarity

Use all your information

Search and analyze reports, social feeds, email, video, and more from public and proprietary sources

Secure data automatically

The platform inherits and applies all database level access controls at the data level

Data scientists optional

Rivium is for non-technical users; it frees your data scientists to focus on their own innovations, not running user queries

How Customers Use Rivium Today

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How a Specialized Military Command uses Rivium

Understanding the rapidly changing dynamics of combat situations is one of the toughest intelligence challenges. This organization constantly receives all kinds of data from multiple sources – email, news feeds, social media, imagery, field reports, and message...
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Faster, More Flexible Object-Based Intelligence with Rivium

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