Meeting government-wide mandates for transforming agency systems and processes to become more agile and flexible is particularly challenging for intelligence agencies. With so many teams of specialists studying different aspects of evolving situations, these agencies’ data, discovery and information fusion is by nature highly non-linear.

Defense and intelligence agencies are moving toward cross-agency analytic modernization, increased collaboration, and Object-Based Intelligence (OBI)/Object-Based Production (OBP). OBP aims to increase information integration and create a common landing zone for data that crosses organizational and functional boundaries.

Rivium’s smart data discovery platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with MarkLogic to make qualitative analysis faster, easier and more complete. It allows non-technical subject matter experts to easily discover relevant information in any format across all the enterprise’s data then quickly identify the most relevant items for deep analysis. Collaborative workspaces enable teams to work together efficiently and then publish their insights in dynamic online formats.

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