At this organization, the ability to quickly produce complete geospatial reports is crucial. Their mission includes answering targeted, location-based inquiries that rely on terrain, demographic, and other data then sharing those reports across the enterprise. The organization identified the need to increase operational agility and flexibility as well as the introduction of cutting-edge technologies into tradecraft as key objectives in their five-year strategy.

Unfortunately, teams at the organization traditionally stored their data and curated knowledge locally on shared drives or individual analysts’ “shoe boxes.” This process forced analysts to guess who might happen to have the data they needed for a given project, track it down, and request access before they could even start responding to important inquiries. The poorly integrated information systems, tools and data formats slashed the time available for deep analysis and lengthened response times for important inquiries.

Faster, Better Analysis for Decision Makers

The organization implemented MarkLogic 8.0 and the Rivium smart data discovery platform to fully enable entity services and activity-based analysis, and streamline analysts’ access to the entire corpus of agency knowledge. MarkLogic’s enterprise security and data management features and flexible data structure allowed the agency to consolidate all kinds of unstructured data into one searchable database while reliably enforcing data policies and security settings.

Analysts used Rivium’s data discovery platform to easily access and analyze the data. The platform provides not only powerful faceted search across the entire enterprise and external systems but also the ability to quickly visualize and filter data. Data views include geospatial, heat mapping, social network graphs, charts, tag clouds, or traditional tables.

Rivium’s collaborative workspaces encouraged better sharing across teams. Multiple analysts could work on shared projects using the same space and referencing the same data sources – without creating duplicate, shoe-boxed data. As each analyst added notes, comments and connections to objects in the course of his or her own analysis, everyone in the agency benefited from the knowledge enrichment created.

The newly integrated MarkLogic database and Rivium’s data discovery platform helped the organization’s users maximize their time on data-driven assessments and analyses to deliver faster, better insights for decision makers.

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