Smart Data Discovery

Close the gap between your big data resources and subject matter experts.

  • Spend more time analyzing, less time munging data
  • Use visual tools for multifaceted search and analysis
  • Collaborate efficiently in shared workspaces
  • Streamline report generation and source citations

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Research with Rivium starts with a simple keyword search to find all the related information in your database. No SQL queries, no complex Boolean commands. You don’t have to be a data scientist to find the information you need.

Simple keyword search

Simple Keyword Search

Powerful, intuitive search without the complexity. Search available datasets with a simple keyword search, then use visual filters to refine results in minutes.

Use the blank search for a quick snapshot of your entire data collection.

Everything You Need in One Convenient Space

See object metadata, changes, attachments, and more in one complete, easy to read format.

Everything You Need in One Convenient Space
Personalize your workspace

Personalized Workspace

Tailor your workspace layout to fit the way you work and the data sources you need. Customize and save frequently used search filters. Rearrange where and how items display. Adjust the colors to match your personal organization or project tracking system.

Enrich the Data Objects as You Work

Insert tags, comments, links, and ratings to add context and clarity for all users. Data provenance persists throughout object lifecycles. Optionally share notes with colleagues, too.

Data Enrichment


Use Rivium’s faceted visualization tools to distill hundreds of millions of search results down to just the right few in minutes. Quickly filter the results by geography, time period, objects and entities, social network relationships, related keywords, even charts and graphs. Draw shapes on maps. Click charts to drill down. Zoom in or out in time. Track objects as they change.

These advanced visualizations help you spot data trends, patterns, and outliers across all your data that are easy to miss in piecemeal source analysis. Rivium’s intuitive user interface empowers non-technical subject matter experts to achieve levels of complex data analysis that were previously only accessible to data scientists and database technicians.

Search Results List View

List View

Rivium displays search results in a familiar list with summaries and links to the source documents. Once a document is selected, contextual icons appear to streamline curation. Download the document, save it to a workspace folder, email the link to a colleague, or add a comment.

Geospatial View

A must for any geographically influenced analysis, the geospatial view highlights the locations identified within specific documents or objects in your analysis set. Unveil trends with heat maps or points on the map. Click points or zoom in on map areas to select subsets of data for further analysis.

Geospatial View
Temporal Search Filtering

Temporal View

View your search results in a timeline, then zoom in or out to see the data bucketed by day, week, month or year.

Chart View

Chart view summarizes your data in either column charts or pie chart format. Click on individual bars and pie pieces to filter specific subsets for inclusion or exclusion in your analysis.

Social Network Analysis - SNA

Social Network Analysis (SNA) View

The SNA view highlights the direct and indirect interlinkages among objects in your data. These connections, though extremely difficult to locate in tabular data, are readily visible when viewed within the context of their network relationships.

Tag Cloud View

The tag cloud view displays the relative prominence of keyword terms in your data set. Use it to quickly assess the contents of your sources and identify additional search opportunities. You can also use the tag cloud view to include or exclude documents and data sources tagged with specific key words.

Tag Cloud


Use the collaborative workspace to organize your notes and sources throughout your analysis workflow. It’s easy to share the workspace with colleagues for efficient collaboration. No more emailing back and forth. No need to manage multiples file versions. No more cut and paste data munging. The entire team can contribute without wasting time.

Visually Review and Sort Your Source Material

An intuitive folder system keeps your curated source materials tidy and easy to review.

Each card displays the name and date of the source with a visual preview. Add other fields, such as classification status, as needed. Arrange multiple cards to efficiently compare objects – they can even stretch across multiple monitors.

Rich Document Views with eReader

Rich Document Views

View documents alongside their associated metadata without leaving Rivium. The embedded eReader displays highlights, notes, and entities in an easy to read format.

Clear Object Visibility

Object view displays the details of an object and tracks its changes over time. All objects are version controlled and have persistent data provenance to support auditability if needed. You can add ratings, upload attachments, enter comments, and encourage discussion about the object

An interactive timeline displays all object revisions. Not only can you see all the current annotations and relationships your team has added while working with the object, but you can also see how what is known about the object has evolved.

Clear Object Visibility


An interactive timeline displays all object revisions. Not only can you see all the current annotations and relationships your team has added while working with the object, but you can also see how what is known about the object has evolved.

Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Online workspaces allow you to securely share data, notes, and analysis with colleagues so there’s no need to email duplicate source data or manage multiple versions of every file.

Everyone with acces to the shared workspace can view all the source data they have permission to see. Rivium automatically enforces security policies from the database, so you never have to worry if members of your team have differing clearance levels.

Workspaces: Saved Searches, Folders, Attachments


When your analysis is complete, Rivium simplifies the process sharing your insights.

Drag and Drop Outlines

Binders allow you to assemble the material for your reports quickly and easily. Drag the card for each source you want to reference into a binder for each section of your report. Rivium automatically generates a full bibliography with links directly to the source materials as you add each card to the binder.

Online Editor

Online Editor

When your analysis and data curation are complete, use the WYSIWYG editor to summarize your insights.

Automatic Updates

Dynamic online reports are automatically updated as new information becomes available.

Automatic Updates

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