Rivium for MarkLogic

chicklets_white_50pxwRivium is a smart data discovery platform that helps non-technical qualitative researchers and analysts quickly find, visualize, and analyze relevant data from their organizations’ unstructured data resources. It supports unique complex analysis needs underserved by existing analytics and user interface applications.

Why CIOs choose Rivium

Increases Productivity

Dramatically increases analyst productivity

Traditional cut and paste data curation and Microsoft Office™ based report production can consume as much as 80% of a highly skilled analyst’s time. Rivium’s faster data discovery and efficient workflows cut data munging chores to as little as 20%.

Technology Gears

Works with technology you already have

Rivium has an extensible architecture with APIs for easy customization or integration with your existing COTS data ingestion, business intelligence, statistical, or predictive applications. The modular visualization layer allows direct integration with any other visual tool’s API.

maintain data security

Enforces security and access policies

There is no need to duplicate security policies for Rivium. The platform automatically accepts and enforces the access settings already defined in your MarkLogic database.

Reduces data storage and email cost piggy bank

Reduces data storage and email costs

Rivium’s collaborative workspaces and online source sharing eliminate the need to store personal copies of data sets or constantly email multiple versions of analysis and report documents.

Extends value of big data investments

Extends the value of your big data investments

Rivium’s simple user interface democratizes your organization’s data, putting it into the hands of more people who can solve problems and drive innovation. It encourages self-service data discovery and frees busy data science teams to focus more time on high value projects.


A natural extension for MarkLogic

Rivium is document-centric and schema-agnostic. It natively leverages MarkLogic’s most advanced database capabilities: federated search, nested faceting, semantics, object-based intelligence (OBI), alerting, bi-temporal data, and geospatial features.

Rivium is designed to harness and deliver the most unique and advanced MarkLogic capabilities.

A natural extension to MarkLogic

  • Document-centric and schema-agnostic
  • Federated search
  • Semantics
  • Flexible replication/disconnected
  • Alerting
  • Object based intelligence (OBI) and object modeling
  • Nested faceting
  • Bi-temporal data
  • Element/value level security (PL4)
  • Microdata

Rivium + MarkLogic

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