Understanding the rapidly changing dynamics of combat situations is one of the toughest intelligence challenges. This organization constantly receives all kinds of data from multiple sources – email, news feeds, social media, imagery, field reports, and message traffic. Some analyst teams collaborate in close groups from the enterprise network; other users are geographically dispersed in remote and low-bandwidth locations.  Regardless of geographic location, their analysis ranges from strategic-level long-range planning, to tactically oriented operational analysis about specific locations, events, or organizational networks.

For military analysts, the mission and global environment are evolving constantly, often outpacing the time it takes to build network diagrams, disambiguate entities, and search multiple data sources to discover new links and patterns. The slow process of manually tagging data, building network maps, disambiguating names and entities, and searching disparate data sources to discover links and patterns hampered analysts’ ability to respond quickly to fluid situations.

The Command needed to provide access to vast amounts of federated information and automate more of their current processes to deliver answers faster. They turned to Rivium and MarkLogic for a more flexible and intuitive analytic solution. MarkLogic’s enterprise grade schema-less NoSQL database helped the organization consolidate access to their diverse datasets.  Rivium’s smart data discovery platform makes it faster, and easier for analysts to search the data, identify patterns, annotate and build reports, share their insights across various teams, and develop automated analytic products with a complete pedigree of data sources. Teams securely share searches, tags, comments, and in-progress reports with data-level access controls.

Rivium’s entity analytics and object visualizations make it easier to tag or link people and places to other essential information, such as financial records, videos, and pictures that auto-populate in the structured summary product. The platform provides a near-real time picture of complex links between people, places, and things. The agency makes better use of its data and teams can collaborate more directly to save time and deliver better results.

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